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Party Terms and Conditions

  • Yellow Sub Party Bookings: Peak - all weekends, school and bank holidays. Off Peak - all other times.
  • For Private Hire, please email your request to or call 08444 120 850.
  • Subway Surfers, Cargo Cruisers and High Flyers: Parties are a minimum of 12 children to each party booking.
  • Bambino Boarders: Parties are a minimum of 10 children Off Peak and 14 children Peak to each party booking.
  • Parties start at either 10.30am, 1.00pm, 3.30pm. Private Hire at 6.30pm.
  • If you are expecting more than 25 children please make us aware at the time of your initial booking as you will be allocated a double party room. Conditions apply.
  • All Yellow Sub parties are for a duration of 1 hour 45 minutes. This is split into 1 hour play, followed by 45 minutes in the party room. The party room and adult seating areas will be available between these times.
  • Parties are asked to arrive at least 5 minutes before party start time.
  • Children must wear socks at all times and long sleeved tops are advisable.
  • One parent to one child, additional parents will be charged a standard admission price for entry as per our admissions pricing policy.
  • Siblings will not be allowed to enter the party room unless they are included in the party number and have paid the full party price.
  • Any additional siblings of party guests will be charged a standard price for entry and will receive standard entry fee benefits.
  • £75 deposit is required to secure your party booking. This deposit is non refundable.
  • Final numbers and any extras must be confirmed a minimum of 3 days before your party. At this time the balance must be paid in full, this can be done over the phone 08444 120 850 or at Yellow Sub reception.
  • The final number of children you pay for and any extras you add on are both non-refundable once paid for.
  • Once you have confirmed your final numbers we will cater for the amount of children you have told us are attending, unless you notify us otherwise prior to the party.
  • Drinks are provided during your designated meal time. If you require jugs of juice on your arrival to Yellow Sub, these can be purchased as an extra at a rate of £2.50 per jug.
  • Yellow Sub accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage of personal property.
  • Yellow Sub Terms and Conditions apply.
  • Management reserve the right to make changes without notice.

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